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Queensland is definitely one of the finest places to be in, in the beautiful island continent of Australia. Here, you will get to experience a lot of exciting and thrilling attractions which you can tell your friends and family about when you go back home. Aside from enjoying the Gold Coast’s theme parks, you will definitely get pleasure in taking a short adventure onto the crystal clear waters of Queensland for whale watching. Whale watching Queensland will certainly be the most exciting activity that you will have and it will make your holiday perfect and memorable.

Queensland is A Great Whale Watching Location
When you are craving to spot humpback whales during their migration from Antarctica, whale watching Queensland is definitely a great idea. You can go to Queensland from June to November, to see their migration. However, if you want to be entertained by seeing the dwarf minke whales, which surround the Ribbon Reefs, then it is recommended that you should have your vacation from the months of May through August.

The famous Great Barrier Reef is also located in this amazing place in Australia. The reef offers stunning underwater creations. Here, you will also get to spot dwarf minke whales and humpback whales.

Whale Watching In Hervey Bay, Queensland
Hervey Bay in Queensland is one of the most famous tourist destinations. People, both locals and tourists, enjoy a variety of exciting activities, such as sky diving, swimming, and golfing and the warm weather of the place makes it a perfect location for fishing. Of course, one of the best reasons why people visit the place is the magnificent scenery of whale watching Queensland. By using their binoculars or by going on board a vessel, one will surely be astonished by these amazing mammals swimming and playing in the waters. You can have the option to join a cruise to experience a half to full-day whale watching.

Whale Watching in Moreton Bay, Queensland
Known as one of the finest whale watching destinations in the world, Moreton Bay is considered by many people as the place to be. Here you can experience the beauty of whale watching Queensland. Specifically, you will get to spot humpback whales, as Moreton Bay is one of the main routes of these migrating sea mammals. This is why, many organizers hold big events and activities related to whale watching in the place.

It is then imperative that when you purchase your holiday packages to Queensland, whale watching tours should be included in your itinerary, particularly in the above-mentioned places in Queensland. Aside from whale watching Queensland, it is also recommended that your holiday packages include free transport from your hotel to any of these places return so going to the coast to watch the whales playing and swimming around will not be a hassle for you.

Again, the next time you plan for a vacation, be sure to include whale watching Queensland in your list of activities.


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