Australia is one of the most renowned tourist destinations in the world and is perfect for whale watching tours. Whales are one of the rarest but most majestic living things in the world. These creatures entice a lot of people around the globe; in fact, many people’s wish lists would include seeing these amazing mammals with their very own eyes. It is then imperative that, when you are planning a whale watching tour, Australia should be at the top of your list.

This popular island content is the most desired place to be, by a lot of people, to be entertained by these amazing sea mammals. Continue reading this article to give you a guide in planning your trip to Australia to watch whales.

You can be rest assured that our extensive coastal and Broadwater experience, combined with our new purpose built vessel will result in a magical marine life experience.

Relax as we depart Surfers Paradise and cruise the beautiful Gold Coast waterways and Broadwater direct to the Whale migration track or ‘Whale Alley’.

Find your favourite position on one of our 3 viewing decks or comfortable cabin lounge and watch the Gold Coast and Hinterland disappear as we keep a lookout for Humpback whales, dolphins, turtles, migratory sea birds and other marine life. Listen to the skipper as he provides an entertaining & educational commentary, as you enjoy morning or afternoon tea. Feel the wind in your hair as your encounter with majestic Humpback whales is only minutes away…

The Gold Coast offers the LONGEST whale watch season in Queensland. And nowhere else will you be able to SEE whales within 10 minutes of departing the Gold Coast Seaway. In comparison, you will need to travel for 1 – 1.5 hours if departing from Moreton or Harvey Bay before spotting any of the creatures.

Whale watching on the Gold Coast is a very unique and special experience…white sand, very clear water, stunning scenery and excellent marine wildlife. When finished your whale watch cruise, you can spend the rest of the day visiting the Gold Coast’s famous beaches, hinterland, National Parks, Theme Parks and many other attractions.

Australia’s Best Whale Watching Season

One will surely be pleased seeing the Humpback Whales. When you visit Australia between the end of May and the first week of November, you can surely see them. These whales are migrating during these months, from the colder waters of Antarctica to the  more temperate waters of Australia. Such whales prefer this water temperature, particularly those whales which are about to give birth.

Spectators will be thrilled to watch these whales routing close to the Australian coastline. People who visit have the great chance to see the three of the most observed whales in Australia: the Southern Right Whales, Orca and Humpback. It has been noted that Humpback and Southern Right follow the same route. Read More…

Best Locations For Whale Watching Tours

If you visit Australia mainly to watch whales, it is then recommended that you go to these perfect locations: The Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Stradbroke Island, Hervey Bay, Moreton Bay and Merimbula.

Gold Coast and Byron Bay. Today, are the most popular being tagged as one of the country’s finest holiday destinations. Here, you cannot only find whales; you can also enjoy surfing on its beaches, great restaurants, visit the stunning marine parks and experiencing the great facilities.

Stradbroke Island. Whale watching in this place can be specifically enjoyed during winter at Pont Lookout. This place has also its North Gorge Walk, also perfect to have your whale watching activity.

Hervey Bay. When you want to watch whales particularly on this place in Queensland, you should go in the months of August to October. The place is renowned as an ideal holiday location because it provides access to Lady Elliot Island and the Fraser Island.

Moreton Bay. This place in Brisbane, Queensland is one of the best destinations for whale watching tours. When you want to specifically witness the beauty of Humpback Whales, Moreton Bay is one of the places to be. In fact, many organizers hold magnificent events here related to whale watching activities that truly entertain and are people. Humpback Whales here frequent the bay which certainly amaze spectators who visit the place.

Merimbula. Located between Sydney and Melbourne, Merimbula offers a wide array of thrilling activities such as fishing and dolphin and whale watching expeditions.

Whale Watching by State:

There are many exciting things that you can do or see in various parts of the world, with Whale watching being one of the most common activities that tourists love to engage in. It is fun to do it and there are many nations across the globe whom are earning some good revenue from these activities. Australia has come out to be a strong player in this sector as there are many areas around the country where you can enjoy whale watching. Read on so that you can really understand the relevance of Whale Watching Australia.The gold coast is with no doubt one of the best areas where you will get the opportunity to see the humpback whales. When you visit Australia, make sure you take some time to book a whale watching tour so you can appreciate this whole deal. There is no doubt that you will be booking a chance for some of the most exciting and enjoyable moments in your life. Few people get the chance of seeing these whales close up, they are without doubt some of the most magnificent of creatures on the planet. By taking some time to visit the gold coast you will indeed get that grace of seeing the most common whale species from across the globe.

In fact, Australia is one of the best locations around the world where you can visit to see whales. To get up close and personal with these whales, you only need to book a tour to some of these magnificent locations. There are many Whale Watching companies in Australia that can be of great help to you when you are seeking these services. Those who live close to the coast are at more pf an advantage in terms of accessing these amenities. The tour organizers know where the best whale watching sites are which ensures that your trip does not become a waste. Humpback whales are a common factor in the seas all through the day, it is more recommended to watch these whales from charter boats just in case they turn violent.

In order to make your Australian Whale Watching experience more enjoyable and memorable, make sure you remember your camera so you can also take some photos of whales and your interactions, so your memories go deep. The southern hemisphere winter months are in most cases are the most ideal for whale watching in Australia. Moreton bay is also another good location for you to see the humpback whales alongside a couple other species. There are many tourists who throng this island every year to see the whales and have fun. The gold coast is mainly home to the humpback whales and these are in numbers.The enjoyment that you are likely to get from Whale Watching Australia is unmatchable. The best thing is that there are many locations you can see the whales and the species are varied to suit your variety of needs. The whales love performing to audiences. The slapping of their tails are enchanting. Come to Australia and witness the beauty of whale watching.