The majority of people are fascinated with watching whales. They want to experience whales up close, in their natural environment, with their very own eyes. For them, this amazing experience is a once-in-a-lifetime dream. During the whale watching season, many people visit Australia to experience watching the whales swimming and frolicking in the continent’s shores.

Whale Watching Seasons Table

QLDGold Coast
Hervey Bay
Sunshine Coast
Port Stephens
Jervis Bay
Coffs Harbour
Nelsons Bay
Port Macquarie
Byron Bay
Tweed Heads

Australia’s Whale Watching Season

During autumn in Australia, whale groups like humpback’s and orca’s migrate from the cold waters of the Antarctic up to the more temperate waters of Australia. Here, these whales give birth to their young. When their babies grow a bit, they go back to Antarctic, where mating and feeding then takes place.

The whale migration in Australia begins late May and runs through till the month of November, with June to November tagged as the whale watching season in Australia. During these times, many people from all around the world are very excited to be visiting the different whale watching destinations in this beautiful island continent and to experience one of their whale watching tours.

The whale’s route passes around New Zealand and then up to the waters of Australia. People can then spot the whales in these famous destinations: Storm Bay in Tasmania, The Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Stradbroke and Hervey Bay in Queensland, Point Hicks in Victoria, Shark Bay, Ningaloo and Cape Leeuwin in Western Australia, Ottway Coast in Victoria and many more places.

There are a lot of tourist whale watching boats in Australia to cruise on. Research and compare the packages, so you can maximize your whale watching experience during your vacation.

Most Renowned Whale Watching Destinations

During the whale watching season, you may want to consider going to these places and discover why they are being tagged as the most popular whale watching destinations in Australia:

The Gold Coast. This place boasts breathtaking marine parks, great facilities and pristine white beach. During the winter, many people are very excited to surf, relax and enjoy the culture of the place. This is one of the most popular destinations on Queenslands South East Coast.

Visitors to this place will enjoy numerous different tourist attractions, places and food: pubs, concert venues, restaurants, shopping, markets and other exciting attractions. Thus, you will not only enjoy whale watching but there are also a lot of other exciting activities to do and amazing places to visit on the Gold Coast.