One of the best places in the world to go to on vacation holidays would be Australia. Australia possesses a lot of nature reserves; amazing scenery and views; as well as activities and festivities that would give a lively vacation experience for the whole family. You could spend one of your vacation days walking with your family and friends at one of Australia’s theme parks. But wouldn’t that be overrated? That is something very common to do. If you’re going to Australia, why not do something different? Something new that everyone would surely enjoy? For that, venturing on one of the many whale watching cruises that Australia offers can be your best option.

Whale watching seasons in Australis varies from region to region. Here are some of the best places to go for whale watching in Australia; as well as their corresponding peak seasons to go cruising:


May is the usual peak season for whale watching cruises in Tasmania. There, you can enjoy watching southern right and humpback whales as they coast along the deep, blue-green, crystal clear waters of Freycinet Peninsula’s Great Oyster Bay.


It is best to visit Victoria some time around June through September. During those times, you should be able to experience a wonderful time watching all the southern right whales as they hover all the way to the closest shores. It is also a good time to go cruising so you can see the young adult whales and the yearlings staying at the center of the sub-Antarctic seas.


The months of June to November is the whale watching season of Queensland. You can be splashed with water by the tail of the humpback whales as they flap and slap their tails in Queensland’s Gold Coast. It is also known as Australia’s capital when it comes to whale watching. You will have the chance to get a good view from North Stradboke Island’s Point Lookout which is located close to Brisbane. You and your family can enjoy taking a cruise in Hervey Bay or the Sunshine Coast. 20 minutes after you leave the shore, your initial whale spotting would start which means you have to get ready for a new and exciting experience. You actually have the choice to get a very close encounter with the famous dwarf minke whales by visiting Port Douglas for an in-water activity.

New South Wales

In New South Wales, you can get a cruise with the whole family all the way to Sydney Harbour during May until late November for a wonderful humpback whale watching cruise. New South Wales is also home for the adorable bottlenosed dolphins. They can be seen at the Marine Park of the Jervis Bay. There, you can also listen to the haunting song of the humpback whales through a hydrophone of any of the whale watching boats available.

Whale watching is one of the signature activities of Australia. It is the main reason why tourists love to visit the country during their holiday times. If you want a new water experience for your upcoming holiday period, then you should consider one of the whale watching cruises that Australia offers.