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Whale watching in Australia is a popular activity as Australia has vast beautiful coastline, perfect for sighting and having close encounters with these amazing creatures. Seeing whales in their natural environment is an unmissable experience, that is truly unforgettable and safe. We showcase the best Whale watching places in Australia, and you can browse interesting information about the majestic giants of the sea.

The spectacular acrobatic displays of whales during their annual migration can be seen in Australia’s famous tourist destinations, you can see whales if travelling to Queensland, New South Whales, South Australia or Western Australia.  The calm warm waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans offer a sanctuary for whale breeding and socialising, whilst they are away from the cold waters and predators of the Antarctic.

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The best whale watching spots include coastal communities of Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Hervey Bay, Albany and Victor Harbour as they are in close proximity to the Whale migration path.  Whether you take a tour, or spot of Whale during a beach or natural park walk, our site will guide you there.

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Whale Watching Tours – Gold Coast – PM

Boat departs direct from Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast with up to 2 tours in the afternoon 1pm and 2.30pm including a serene sunset tour. Whales in Paradise haveRead more Read More



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Whale Watching – Gold Coast – AM

This morning whale watching cruise departs from Surfers Paradise CBD, Gold Coast. Includes FREE canal cruise, tea/coffee and biscuits. Choose between 3 departures in the morning 7.30am,Read more Read More



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Whale Facts

They are regarded as the beasts of underwater and true to this fact, they have proved to be. They are widely known for their royalty at sea as the biggest creatures in the blue waters. Whale are unique creatures and their beauty, mechanisms including how they feed make them astonishing animals. They are found in some of the deep seas in the world where they have colonized such habitats to their advantage. Understanding whales is essential in order to effectively know how they live, breed, what effects them among other important facts.

The Vessel

Whale Watching Australia

There are many exciting things that you can do or see in various parts of the world. Whale watching is one of the most common activities that tourists love to engage in. It is just fun to do it. There are many nations across the globe which are earning some good revenue from these activities. Australia has also come out to be a strong player in this sector. There are many areas around the country where you can enjoy whale watching. Read on so that you can really understand the relevance of Whale Watching Australia.

The Experience

Whale Watching Season

Watching whales is most people’s fascination. They want to get a glimpse of whales right on their very eyes even. For them, seeing whales is a once-in-a-lifetime dream. During the whale watching season in Australia, many people would visit the place to experience watching the whales swimming and frolicking in the continent’s shores. During the autumn in Australia, whale groups like humpback and orca migrate from the cold waters of the Antarctic up to the waters of Australia which are more temperate.

Whale Watching, History

The Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego was first to organize public whale watching, in the year 1950. The first water based whale watching that allowed customers to view whales from closer points was started in 1955 and the customers were charged for the trip. This attracted approx 10,000 visitors in the first year. The tourism of Whale watching has grown rapidly since the middle of 1980s. A survey done on whale watching, the world over, has shown that whale watchers numbers were 9 million in 1998 and had grown to 13 million in 2008.

Commercial whale watching can be found in 119 countries worldwide and is important for developing countries as it brings in tourism revenue. Coastal countries not only profit from the presence of whales, but they have also started protecting these animals. Sometimes the increased number of whale watching trips made by a vessel, and the size of the vessel used for whale watching, can affect the breeding cycles, behavior and migratory patterns of the whales so the whale watching regions have regulations in place for the whale watching ships, like minimize speed and noise, avoid sudden turns, do not to pursue or go in between the whales, minimize the number of trips and do not to allow visitors to swim with the dolphins.

Best Locations in Australia, for Whale Watching

In Western Australia, Cape Naturaliste situated on the south-east Indian Ocean and Cape Leeuwin, the intersection point of the Indian Ocean and the Southern ocean, are the best places to watch whales. The Pacific Coast has the major whale watching spots and you can see the whales migrating from the headlands towards the south. Sometimes they enter the Sydney Harbor.

The Gold Coast is renowned as the premier whale watching destination in South East Queensland. With whales generally coming within a kilometre or two of the beach and because of its geographical location the Gold Coast has whales passing through all season and it is one of the rare points on the East Coast of Australia where from the middle of August whale traffic heads in both directions past the Coast.

There are many points on the Southern Ocean from where whales can be watched, from both land or from a ship. The land based whale watching station is located in Albany, situated on the south coast of Western Australia. This station has become a thriving whale watching industry. Other popular whale watching sites are the Logan’s Beach situated at Warrnambool, Port Fairy and Portland, in Victoria. Whales are seen in abundant, all along the eastern coast of Tasmania and they are found even in River Derwent. The Great Australian Bight Marine Park and the Victor Harbor near Adelaide are the famous whale watching spots in South Australia. Read More…


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